I always remember my mother and my grandmother sitting in front of each other with a bamboo stick and a big bucket making soap, moving it and moving it for hours.

I always remember the smell and how my mother tried to improve this soap by adding different things.

I can safely say that I made my first soap more than 35 years ago. I do not remember how old I was, but I remember how my grandmother explained to me what I had to do to make the perfect soap.

The first time, my mother made soap for doing laundry, cleaning the floor and bathroom, etc. then she added herbs like mint or rosemary (once a week my mother washed my hair with this one), then, she added cream (this soap was the only one that could remove the dark eyeliner that I had applied in abundance when I was a teenager).

Now, with the help of essential oil courses, aromatherapy, a lot of research, and a lot trying, I think I have found the perfect recipe for bars of soap. I have used it for years, but now I have decided to have them tested by an official organisation and sell them.

I do not know if was one of my mother's soaps, and now my soap, but as a child I never had head lice, as a teenager I never had any spots on my face, and now as adult I can say that I do not have the wrinkles that I see on people of my age, or even younger than me.